This Blog

This blog is intended to discuss the adventures that I am fortunate enough to go in Southern California with a number of great friends. While I enjoy telling everyone of my adventures, I am always looking for new ones, so feel free to drop me a line (below) and let me know some other hikes or trips that I ought to try out!

Adventures with Luke

Adventures with Luke is a small, fun group that I run, basically to organize groups to go on hikes, backpacking trips, kayaking adventures, and (hopefully soon) whitewater rafting.

The Author

Luke Bearl is the author of this blog. He is a Minnesota native, who seems to migrate from state to state, but finally found his home in Southern California. He also occasionally writes on this blog discussing technical challenges in his professional career as a software developer.

Contact Luke

Luke can be reached most easily by twitter. Feel free to reach out on Facebook as well.