A New Blog for Many Adventures

I like adventures, I go on a lot of them, and I love to tell people about my adventures. Unfortunately when you go on adventures, and take pictures its hard to show them to everyone who is interested. This blog is going to serve as a chronicle of some of my adventures hiking in Southern California and beyond. Tomorrow or the day after I will write up the first (of many) hikes, which will be the (in)famous Cactus to Clouds at San Jacinto Peak near Palm Springs, CA.

Hike Information

For each of the hikes that I document here, I will attempt to at minimum provide a brief trail report, some description of what everything else was like, and a few pictures. If I am able, I will provide a map of the route that I took. I hope that this blog can turn into a resource for people interested in discovering some really beautiful areas that I am fortunate enough to get to visit.

Contact Me

Feel free to reach out on Twitter (@lbearl).